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Covid 19 – High Powered Fogger/Mister ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Disinfectant Machine

Everest offers a Professional disinfection and sanitisation service that kills and prevents the spread of viruses, pathogens, bacteria and fungi.

Our top of the range fogger and broad-spectrum Mister machines disperses cloud-like fine micron particles of disinfectant that targets all surfaces leaving an antimicrobial layer that bonds to floors, walls, structures, ventilation and other surfaces.

Kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, pathogens and fungi

This process is completed in a short period of time with minimal downtime allowing you to get on with your business and lifestyle:

  1. Disinfectant fogging kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and odour of all surfaces in seconds.
  2. Non-toxic, eco friendly.
  3. Australian Made Disinfectants
  4. Minimal downtime – 10 minute drying time.
  5. Safe for family and pets.
  6. Treatments tailored for home, offices, workplaces, schools, cafes & restaurants and retirement villages.
  7. Rapid response to Covid-19 infected areas.
  8. Everest Pest & Disinfection Service technicians follow all guidelines provided by the Department of Health.

Suitable for Residential, Commercial, Schools and Hospitality.